About MARS Bioimaging Ltd

MARS Bioimaging Ltd (MBI) was founded in 2007 to commercialize the cutting-edge Medipix technology and bring photon-counting CT to the clinic

MBI has established itself as the world’s leading research and development group in spectral molecular imaging, and to-date has delivered the world’s first commercial pre-clinical spectral CT scanner.

The MARS Microlab 5X120 is based on the next generation of x-ray detectors (Medipix3RX) developed in collaboration with CERN, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, and other partners. Using our technology, customers can conduct experiments in a system that is directly translatable to human clinical imaging.

MBI works closely with customers to provide a wide range of spectral imaging solutions for applications ranging from cancer detection to development of novel contrast agents. Contact us to find out how MARS Microlab 5X120 can improve your research. Subject to regulatory approvals, MBI’s human extremity scanner will soon be available for clinical use.

Recent Awards

  • HealthTech Award for Best Translational Project – HealthTech Week 2019
  • Finalist in Best Hardware Product category – NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2018
  • Winner of Best Emerging New Zealand Innovation – New Zealand Innovations Award 2017
  • Winner of Best Innovation in Health and Science – New Zealand Innovations Award 2017
  • Winner of Supreme Award (Small Enterprise) – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2017
  • Winner of Champion Innovations – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2017
  • Winner of Champion Producer/Manufacturer (Small Enterprise) – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2018

Our Team


Mark Figgitt
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Figgitt is a highly respected executive and director with four decades of technology and leadership experience, including leading growth for health software, cardiology and radiology providers, Change Healthcare ANZ and HSTM Group NZ for the past six years. He is a proven leader with a distinguished track record of innovation, global growth, and a deep knowledge of technology commercialisation across many industries including health.

President Medical

Professor Anthony Butler is a clinical radiologist with an interest in developing new imaging technologies. He is a co-founder of MARS Bioimaging Ltd. He is the lead investigator on over $12m of NZ government research grants, and co-investigator on more than $30m of other grants. At the University of Otago, Christchurch, he is head of the Department of Radiology. At CERN, he is a member of the Medipix3, Medipix4, and CMS collaborations.

Bob Senzig
VP Clinical Engineering

Bob Senzig has more than 3 decades of experience designing CT scanning equipment. He was most recently GE Healthcare’s Global CT Chief Engineer. Bob says he is thrilled to be part of the future of imaging. “I have seen many innovations in imaging. Spectral imaging is the next step in CT scanning. The MARS spectral photon-counting technology will truly impact point-of-care imaging.

Board Chair

Chris Stoelhorst has held executive director and non-executive director roles across a range of high-tech industries and sectors over a period of more than 25 years.

These roles followed chief executive positions in New Zealand and overseas, typically of proprietary specialised equipment manufacturing-engineering enterprises offering product that saves lives and protects assets. Chris is active in governance, as independent chair of a number of New Zealand fast-growth high-tech exporting companies facing multiple sectors.

Board Member

Colin Dawson has held a number of senior executive roles in the primary, secondary and tertiary health care sectors and was a founding partner in health consulting and investment banking services firm Medicus Capital. Relevant healthcare roles have included GM Clinical Support Services Health Waikato, CEO of Integrated Care IT company HSAGlobal, CEO of one of NZ’s largest aged care operations and Executive Director – Group Strategy of healthcare REIT.

Colin is actively involved with investment, development and commercial implementation of novel technology companies. He chairs the Boards of Tiro Medical, Upstream Medical Technologies and Ember Wellbeing Trust. He is a Director of The NZ Institute for Minerals to Materials Research and Deputy Chair of the NZ Institute for Plant and Food Research.

He is a graduate of The University of Auckland Business School, an SEP alumnus of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Chartered Fellow of the NZ Institute of Directors.

Acting CTO

Professor Phil Butler is a co-founder of MARS Bioimaging Ltd.  Phil is the Chair of the Board of Science Alive! – a community science museum in Christchurch – set up in 1990. He is a Fellow of NZ Institute of Physics and has published over 116 publications during his 40 years as a researcher. He serves as a Member of CERN and the UC leader for participation in the Medipix3 Collaboration. 

Sales and Strategic Alliances Manager

Vivek Nair is a management graduate with 18 years’ experience in business development. He has previously worked with top multinational corporations in the medical and commercial banking sectors. He also was instrumental in commercial development of several start-ups. Vivek leads the development of strategic alliances, including international bilateral partnerships, as well as leading the sales and marketing of our commercial products.

Meet the team!

MBI brings together an interdisciplinary R&D team of physicists, radiologists, engineers, computer scientists, orthopedic and other surgeons, mathematicians, biologists, and cancer researchers.

Our History

2019-present: Clinical trials

MBI began human trials in 2019 to assess the value of this technology for evaluating injured wrists. The first trials were based at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. The preliminary results are very exciting and MBI are motivated to move to the next step. https://marsbioimaging. Sign up to hear about our clinical and technical updates.

2018: First human image

In 2018, MBI scanned a living human body using the revolutionary ‘color’ CT. The images are the first of its kind captured by the Medipix detector technology.

2017: An award winning manufacturer

Ground-breaking work achieved by MBI was recognized at the Champion Canterbury Awards and New Zealand Innovation Awards. MBI began appointing partners for product distribution.

2013: Medipix3

The latest version of the Medipix detector chip was suitable for imaging. MARS Bioimaging Ltd has exclusive rights for Medipix3 developed at CERN in the field of small animal and human CT.

2011: First commercially available multi-energy small-bore scanner for preclinical research

2007: MBI was founded

The company was formed in 2007 to commercialize the ground-breaking photon-counting Medipix technology. Four colors could be measured one after the other, not simultaneously. Scanning took one day, reconstruction took one month.

2006: Medipix2

Much like the first x-rays discovered by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895, the capability of the Medipix detector was first demonstrated on a hand.

Our Mission

To bring technically excellent products to the clinic and improve healthcare worldwide, while delighting clinicians, scientists and patients.