MARS Extremity 5X120

Compact point-of-care color CT for upper extremity evaluation (investigative only)

MARS Extremity 5X120

Our extremity scanner uses the same hardware, software, and visualization tools as our MARS Microlab 5X120 scanner, which has been sold to research institutes around the globe.
With cutting-edge technology – used in the hunt for the Higgs Boson – we aim to improve patient throughput, experience, and diagnostic imagine quality.
MARS Extremity 5X120 can be easily transported and sited in small spaces, with a footprint of 1070 mm x 750 mm, and will help orthopedic surgeons give their patients the best care possible.

Key benefits

  • 80 µm voxel size
  • Reduced metal artefacts enables the evaluation of bone surrounding metalware
  • Designed to be sited where the patient needs it most with a small footprint for point of care use
  • Lower radiation dose compared to conventional CT systems
  • Scan height is adjustable for a person seated in a comfortable position
  • Bore size of 125 mm for scanning extremities
  • Improved image quality and material discrimination for soft tissue, lipid, water and metal

Case studies