Lab research

MARS Imaging System

Following more than a decade of research and development, MARS Bioimaging has established a highly experienced research group with diverse knowledge and expertise. MARS are part of several on going preclinical studies with focus on molecular imaging of heart disease (atherosclerosis), oncology, infectious disease, and orthopaedics (bone and joints).


To date, MARS Bioimaging has collaborated with several universities and industry partners from across the globe, including from New Zealand, Europe, the United States of America, and Asia. 

Our research focus


Nanoparticles are increasingly used for a wide variety of applications, and nanoparticle-based molecular imaging has rapidly grown over the last decade. 


Nanoparticles consisting of a high-Z element, such as gold or gadolinium, provide better x-ray contrast than their macromolecule counterparts . In addition, the nanoparticles' large surface-area-to-volume ratio enables easy 'functionalisation', opening the door to personalised medicine. 


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Crystal arthropathies are problematic joint space disorders that are common in the ageing population. They involve the formation of different types of crystals in the joint. It is clinically important to reach an early and specific diagnosis and yet it is challenging to distinguish between the crystal types using current techniques. MARS offers a non-invasive solution which is accessible at point of care.


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