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MARS Imaging System

The team at MARS Bioimaging developed the MARS Imaging System for quantitative colour imaging for use in research and medicine. 


The MARS Imaging System incorporates 15 years of research and development into spectral photon-counting CT, several patents and MARS owned IP, and the Medipix detector developed at CERN. The two main principles underpinning the MARS Imaging System are detection and analysis. 


Detection, or gathering spectral data, can be thought of as the ‘easy’ step, while analysing and utilising that data is the ‘hard’ step. The MARS team have produced advanced, patented software for processing spectral x-ray data. Scroll down to learn more about these topics.

Our research focus


Detection is an integral element of any imaging system

The Medipix detector has very small pixels and a very clever scheme to correctly measure the energy and position of each x-ray photon, which provides much higher spatial and energy resolution compared to standard detector technology used in current x-ray imaging systems.


Using the MARS Imaging System, you will be able to collect 10x more information than standard CT systems.


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Is perovskite the future of photon counting?

Stuff to do with this sensore material.


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Something about Machine learning

Improving the speed and quality of our material analysis is a huge focus for us as we understand these aspects are critical for SPCCT to become routinely used in the clinic.  


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Something about reconstruction methods

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