MBI’s delivery team at Pacific Radiology.

We are excited to share that we have successfully delivered and installed our first point-of-care MARS photon-processing CT scanner (Extremity 5X120) to Pacific Radiology, After Hours, Christchurch. Clinical trials assessing MARS technology for trauma to the wrist and hand will continue by New Zealand’s largest radiology services provider. It isn’t often you can fit an entire CT scanner in a small office!

Prof Anthony Butler, President Medical, MBI

I’m really excited about this partnership as it will ensure MARS technology meets New Zealand radiology needs. Successful implementation of our first point-of-care scanner (MARS Extremity) will accelerate MARS technology into other conditions, impacting a lot of patients.

Dr Ross Keenan, Director of Research & Development, Pacific Radiology

This new innovative CERN chip and MARS technology could be the way of the future, it’s truly world-leading.  Providing patients with access to acute imaging where and when they need it not only improves the patient experience but could transform the way we do point-of-care imaging around the world.  

About Pacific Radiology
As New Zealand’s largest private radiology provider of specialist imaging, diagnostic and interventional procedures, Pacific Radiology is deeply committed to advancing medical research through collaborative partnerships for the benefit of future generations.
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