MARS programme awarded MBIE Gold Status for research excellence

MARS Bioimaging Ltd as part of the MARS programme, is proud to have recently been awarded a Gold Status by MBIE for research excellence for our programme that is revolutionising the way x-ray technology will detect, diagnose and monitor many diseases, including cancer.

“This spectral molecular imaging technology really is the next big medical imaging innovation, and these 3D images will provide clinicians with information that is currently not possible in CT, MRI or PET scans,” says MARS Bioimaging Ltd Chief Medical Officer Professor Butler.

“The implications of this research will be huge for the medical profession. The capability of this scanner will enable greater diagnosis and monitoring of many diseases, and will lead to better outcomes for patients – particularly in stroke prevention, joint replacement and cancer management.

“The technology also has significant financial benefits, with the potential to add more than $50 million per year to the New Zealand economy once the manufactured products arising from this research are in regular use in hospitals.”

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