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About MARS Bioimaging Ltd

MARS Bioimaging Ltd (MBI) is an award winning manufacturer of small bore spectral CT scanners for pre-clinical medical research. The company was formed in 2007 to commercialize the ground-breaking MARS technology. MBI brings together an interdisciplinary R&D team of physicists, radiologists, engineers, computer scientists, orthopaedic and other surgeons, mathematicians, biologists, and cancer researchers.

The MARS system is based on the next generation of x-ray detectors (Medipix3RX) developed in collaboration with CERN, University of Canterbury, University of Otago, and other partners. MBI has established itself as the world’s leading research and development group in spectral molecular imaging and to-date has delivered the world’s first commercial pre-clinical small bore spectral scanner. 

The MARS small bore scanner enables customers to conduct experiments in a system that is directly translatable to human imaging. MBI works closely with customers to provide a wide range of spectral imaging solutions for applications ranging from cancer detection to development of novel contrast agents.  

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Finalist in Best Hardware Product category – NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2018 

Winner of Best Emerging New Zealand Innovation – New Zealand Innovation Awards 2017

Winner of Best Innovation in Health and Science – New Zealand Innovation Awards 2017

Winner of the Supreme Award (Small Enterprise) – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2017 

Winner of Champion Innovation – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2017 

Winner of Champion Producer/Manufacturer (Small Enterprise) – Champion Canterbury Business Awards 2017