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MARS small bore spectral scanner

mars scanner_clipped_rev_3 cropped 528x443

  • Intuitive user interface with one click “scan-to-recon” operation
  • High precision sample stage with x, y, z-axis motion controls
  • In vivo sample bed with temperature and vital signs inputs
  • LED illuminated gantry with HD webcam
  • 60-120 kVp, 20-350 μA air cooled clinical x-ray source, adjustable filters, and x, y tracking collimators
  • Variable source/detector magnification and rapid helical scan
  • Lead shielded stainless-steel cabinet on industrial, locking caster wheels
  • Small footprint fits through most doorways (75x140x117 cm)
  • Medipix3RX with CZT at 110 μm pixel pitch
  • 16,384 pixels in 128×128 array, 14×14 mm active area
  • 8 simultaneous energy bins per pixel
  • 2 ms frame readout
  • 2 GB on-board frame buffer per detector
  • Tileable design for increased active area
  • MARS Vision workstation with zSpace 3D interactive virtual reality system (not pictured)
  • Molecular image visualization and analysis software
  • Robust, calibrated algebraic (iterative) reconstruction and quantification algorithms
  • All data acquired and stored in DICOM format
  • Reconstruction, processing and PACS server rack-mounted inside scanner

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