MARS Small Bore Spectral Scanner

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  • Intuitive user interface with one click “scan-to-recon” operation
  • High precision sample stage with x, y, z-axis motion controls
  • In vivo sample bed with temperature and vital signs inputs
  • LED illuminated gantry with HD webcam
  • 60-120 kVp, 20-350 μA air cooled clinical x-ray source, adjustable filters, and x, y tracking collimators
  • Variable source/detector magnification and rapid helical scan
  • Lead shielded stainless-steel cabinet on industrial, locking caster wheels
  • Small footprint fits through most doorways (75x140x117 cm)
  • Medipix3RX with CZT at 110 μm pixel pitch
  • 16,384 pixels in 128×128 array, 14×14 mm active area
  • 8 simultaneous energy bins per pixel
  • 2 ms frame readout
  • 2 GB on-board frame buffer per detector
  • Tileable design for increased active area
  • MARS Vision workstation with zSpace 3D interactive virtual reality system (not pictured)
  • Molecular image visualization and analysis software
  • Robust, calibrated algebraic (iterative) reconstruction and quantification algorithms
  • All data acquired and stored in DICOM format
  • Reconstruction, processing and PACS server rack-mounted inside scanner
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My lab is pleased to feature the MARS photon-counting micro-CT in our research and development of targeted nanoparticle imaging probes for contrast-enhanced CT and quantitative molecular imaging with spectral (multi-energy) CT.

The MARS system is the only product on the market that enables my cutting-edge research to move forward as fast as possible. We are able to transition seamlessly between translation studies spanning from imaging phantoms to in vivo murine models.

Prof Ryan K. Roeder, University of Notre Dame

The MARS scanner in UOC has provided an opportunity to Christchurch researchers to be at the forefront of developing new clinical applications for photon counting CT modality.

By using this novel system, my research group has produced remarkable results on many aspects of the medical applications of spectral CT imaging such as molecular imaging of tumours, drug delivery, atherosclerosis and bone quality

Dr Aamir Younis Raja, University of Otago, Christchurch

My lab is blessed to have the latest MARS photon-counting micro-CT scanner. This spectral (multi-energy) CT will be used  for preclinical research and development and translation to clinical applications such as targeted nanoparticle imaging and quantitative molecular imaging.

The MARS system is the only product in the market that enables important investigations with photon-counting detectors and redefines the state of the art.

Chair Professor Ge Wang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The MARS scanner gives us the ability to rapidly and non-destructively characterise atherosclerotic plaques at high resolutions.

Without this technology we would be unable to compare the biochemistry of the plaques and understand the effect of calcification on cell behaviour.

Assoc Prof Steven Gieseg, University of Canterbury, Christchurch

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