The introduction of computed tomography (CT) has contributed to major advances in medical imaging. CT imaging has taken plain x-ray radiographs from two-dimensional flat images to three-dimensional images. Three-dimensional imaging provides information about the structure more clearly and illustrates the relationship between adjoining structures. Color CT has the potential to be as revolutionary to medical imaging as the move from two-dimensional images to three-dimensional images. MARS offer new and improved diagnostic information at significantly lower radiation dose compared to conventional, black and white CT systems. This will significantly broaden the value and use of CT as both a research tool and in clinical diagnostic imaging.

Sensors increase x-ray conversion efficiency and reduce noise for optimal spatial, temporal and spectral (energy) resolution
Automatically produces a set of 3D image volumes containing each targeted element/compound (mg/mL) within minutes
Interactive Virtual Reality system displays the element/compound 3D volumes for user-friendly sample evaluation and analysis